Organizer: Sdružení sportovních klubů Vítkovice, z.s. (Association of Sports Clubs Vítkovice)

Date: Saturday, 30 May 2020

Venue: Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava

Starting point: Náměstí biskupa Bruna, Forum Nová Karolina

Online registration: from 1. 12. 2019

Place of presentation: Trojhalí, Ostrava

Presentation time: Friday 29. 5. 2020, 15:00 - 20:00, Saturday 30. 5. 2020, 9:00 - 14:00

Time: 9:15 am - start of the first race

End: approximately 15:40

After party, raffle and results announcement: 16:00


What you, your children and fans can experience


  • 9:00 – 14:00 Trojhalí – Czech Women's Race Presentation
  • 8:30 – 9:00 Slavata Triathlon Presentation
  • 8:30 – 10:00  dm stand- Family Run Presentation


9:15 – 10:15 Slavata Triathlon

  • Category Preschoolers : 150 m bike and 50 m run
  • Category boys and girls 7-8 years: 10 m duck jumps, 400 m bike and 300 m run
  • Category boys and girls 9-10 years: 10 m duck jumps, 800 m bike and 300 m run
  • Category boys and girls 11-12 years: 10 m duck jumps, 800 m bike and 600 m run

The races take part one after another, from the youngest categories to the oldest. The time schedule is only approximate. Depending on the number of competitors in each category, the times may be shifted and the tracks adjusted. It is a great warm-up before the Family Run with parents.

 10:30 Results announcement and Slavata Triathlon raffle

10:45 WarmUp children

11.00 Family Run with dm

After warming up it's time for a non-competitive run for families - parents or grandparents with their children. It is a 1 km run divided into two running waves, according to age (group for children younger than 8 years and group for children from 9 to 12 years old). Older children can run independently. The reward is a beautiful experience, medals, starting number, gift bag dm, a small gift from the Forum Nová Karolina and many other attractions.

 11:45 WarmUp NW

12.00 Nordic Walking 2,5 km

For fans of Nordic Walking or for those looking for an alternative to running, be ready to go for the race with walking poles - Nordic Walking race.

This movement engages our entire body, whatever our physical conditions are. Try it at the Czech Women's run! Suitable and enjoyable for everyone - athletes, beginners,  youngsters or older people.

12:35 WarmUp 2,5 km

12.50 women's race 2,5 km

This track is great for all runners, who are looking for a challenge or motivation to start running… for the first time in their lives or after a long break, it is a great opportunity! In a crowd of fanciers of different ages, every woman can find a dose of endorphins and common encouragement to go ahead. Make your first timed race and then start improving! This track can also be attended by older children, strollers or wheelchairs.

13:30 WarmUp 5 km

13.45 women's race 5 km

The main race of the Czech Women's Run. A race that is a challenge to improve their time for experienced ones and an encouragement and support for groups of friends who want to try running together. For lower intermediate an opportunity to try the first 5 km race.

14:35 WarmUp 10 km

14:50 women's race 10 km

As one of our regular participants, Jana once said: “It is a great experience when you run only with women. It has a completely different atmosphere than a mixed race. At the Czech Women's Run I try 100%, simply my best, but unlike mixed races, here the support of all participants helps me, the rivalry isn't too hard and you can concentrate on yourself ”So come try with us.

16:00 Results announcement of Czech Women's Run, raffle

We announce 39 awards in total - in each track and age category. You can look forward to many wonderful and valuable prizes from the Czech Women's Run partners. The raffle is valuable as well. This year we prepared some extra fun to make it even more enjoyable for you and your accompaniment.

* The organizers reserve the right to change.



Czech women's race / Individuals

From December 1, 2019 to May 20, 2020 or until sold out, registration is possible online at www.ceskybehzen.cz or facebook.com/ceskbehzen. (starting number with name only possible for registered participants up to 25.5.2020). All runners then compete in their own age category.


At the same time, the Czech women's race allows a team race. Each team consists of four women. Team run only takes place on the 5 km track. The team with the lowest total time wins. The 3 best teams will be announced. The name of the team depends on creativity of its members - you can make out whatever you want.

At the same time, each team member will also be judged in the individual race.

How to register a team

The first registration will be made by just one of the team members. She will create the PIN code and then fill it in in appropriate section. After sending the registration she sends this PIN code to the other team members who register for the team run and fill in the PIN code as well. A confirmation email will be sent to all team members. However, the first registered member must pays the fee, together for the whole team.


Starting fee


  •  start in the Czech Women's Race in Ostrava on the track of your choice
  • welcome package
  • original running shirt Nike
  • start number with timing chip
  • own name on the starting number (when registering before 20 May 2020)
  • individual photo from the race
  • drinking regime
  • refreshment after the race - fruits and scones
  • babysitting for children from 2 years old during the race
  • interesting educational and entertaining programme for the whole family during the day
  • After Party
  • participation in a raffle
  • commemorative medal
  • e-diploma
  • sms result service
  • accident insurance


The faster you buy, the cheaper it is.


I. wave

200 starting places ... individuals 420, - CZK / teams 1.560, - CZK starting number with name

II. wave

1000 starting places ... individuals 540, - CZK / teams 2000, - CZK starting number with name

III. wave

800 starting places ... individuals 640, - CZK / teams 2420, - CZK starting number with name


Starting fee is not refundable, but it is possible to transfer it to another person. Please send such a request to info@ceskybehzen.cz.

The entry fee is considered to be paid when the amount is credited in full amount to the organizer's account by bank transfer or online payment. When paying on the spot - during accreditation - the entry fee can be paid in cash only.


Family Run with dm

Online registration for Family Run with dm ends on May 25, 2020. On the day of the race it is possible to register on site at the presentation for Family Run with dm.

ATTENTION: Both parents and children have register for the race since 2020. Everybody gets the start number and water after the finish. Medal and small gift is prepared only for children.

Participation in the race is free.

Slavata Triathlon

A charity race that connects the worlds of all children. Those with a loving family and enough with those who may lack some of it. A race that gives and shows an equal chance to everyone.

Sign up your children! They will try a great and versatile sport such as triathlon with a man who, among other things, succeeded as a representative of the Czech Republic and become a great inspiration for many children and adults who may think they have no chance.

Online registration of the Slavata triathlon ends on 25th May 2020. It is possible to register on the day of the race on site - at the presentation of the Slavata triathlon.

Participation in the race is free.

A raffle is included. Definitely worth a try!



Friday 29 May 2020

15:00 - 20:00

Only in Trojhalí

Presentation of all races of Czech Women's Run, including Family Run with dm (Here you can pick up your start number, t-shirt, start package etc. With copy of your personal document, it can be picked up for you by your friend - if you want to save time).

The start number you receive has a timing chip on the back. The chip is a part of the start number and is stuck on the back permanently. Please do not peel off 

Saturday 30. 5. 2020

9:00–14:00 Trojhalí – Presentation of all races of Czech women's Run

8:30–9:00 Triathlon depot Slavata Triathlon (Nám. biskupa Bruna) - Presentation of the Slavata Triathlon

8:30–10:00 dm Stand (Nám. biskupa Bruna) - Presentation of the Family Run with dm

The presentation of each race will always end no later than 30 minutes before its start.

For ladies registered before 20 May 2020, the name of the competitor will be stated on the number.




The first three best are announced in each category. The results will be announced at the After Party, after the end of all races.

The minimum age is 14 years. However,  even younger girls can handle the track of 2.5 km, but always accompanied by an adult, mostly mother.

Z34: up to 34 years (birth date until 1986)

Z44: 35 - 44 years (birth year 1985–1976)

Z54: 45 - 54 years (birth year 1975–1966)

Z55: 55 and older (from 1965) 

Nordic Walking

There are no age categories in the Nordic Walking race. The first three competitors in absolute ranking will be announced.



1000 m - Family run with dm - younger children up to 7 years

1000 m - Family run with dm - older children from 8 to 12 years

    2.5 km NW - all ages

    2.5 km - all ages

    5.0 km - all ages

  10.0 km - all ages

Slavata Triathlon tracks - see above in the Time schedule section



Runners will be timed by using chip technology. Single-use chips will be placed on the back of the start number and are non-returnable. The start numbers must be placed on the chest, NOT on the back.

Please do not peel off, fold or break the chips as this may damage the chip which could then not work.

The time will be measured at the start and in the finish. Two times will be showed on the leaderboard. The first time is the time from firing of the starter pistol and the second time (the better one) from the real start. This is called REAL TIME. The ranking of determined according to athletic rules - that means that the time from the start pistole is considered.



The results with placing will be sent via SMS to your phone number (given in the registration form) after the race. Complete results can be found in electronic form at www.ceskybehzen.cz.

Medalists in particular races and categories will be put up on the presentation.

The diplomas will be available for download on the Czech Women's Run website. The diploma will include your name, placing and the resulting time.

Please pay attention to filling in the registration form correctly so that all information included in diplomas suits and nobody misses anything.



Please pay close attention to these rules. If there are any questions about Nordic Walking or if something is not clear  be sure to contact our coach Alena Knap. She will be happy to help you. Phone contact is 724083035.

The rules:

1. Only walking is allowed.

2. There is always one foot and one stick on the ground.

3. Running is forbidden and is a definite reason to disqualify a participant.

4. You must follow the marked track of the race.

5. Shortening or moving off the track is also a reason for disqualification.

6. Another reason for disqualification is intentionally trying to block other faster racer.

7. The length of the pole must be appropriate - such that the elbow is at a maximum right angle (height x 0.68).

8. Arm movement is alternating. The right hand always goes forward to the cross with the left leg and vice versa.

9. Arm movement comes from the shoulder, not from the elbow. The arm must not be bend in the elbow, the arm and wrist are working.

10. The loop is released behind the body.




For free parking you can use any of the underground car park OC Forum Nová Karolina.

Changing rooms and showers

Changing rooms with showers are available in the area of Trojhalí, at the Presentation.


The road traffic on the track will be stopped, nevertheless follow the traffic rules. Everyone runs at their own risk.


Free checkroom during the race will be available in the area of Trojhalí near the Presentation.

Health condition

Every competitor is personally responsible for their health condition.  Parents are responsible for children younger than 15 years old. By signing up for the race, the competitor also declares that her health does not prevent her from taking part in the race.


There are 2 refreshment stations on the 10 km track. Their placement on the track will be specified before the race.


General Conditions for Participation in The Czech Women Run »


* The organizer reserves the right to change.